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White Star Line


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Army 1983

It has more meaning when it's someone you know

Some months ago I picked up what used to be called a "pen pal" in Iraq, a kid taken out of his first year of College to go to Iraq. He's on Livejournal as rebelcoyote.

He just earned his Purple Heart, and happily will only have some scars to show for it. And now at least he gets to come home.

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mistahbojangles November 13th, 2003
Wow, that's a really fascinating fellow to read about. I'm sure there's plenty more folks in his situation sharing personal stories from Iraq but I hadn't seen any until now. The only thing I've read along similar lines was the Salam Pax / Where is Raed? blog that gained attention on news services back when the war in Iraq was just under way (it's a journal from an Iraqi citizen's perspective.)

Thanks for sharing!

ruggels November 13th, 2003
Fascinating reading, his Journal. Where did you meet up with him?


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