Dwight J. Dutton (titanic) wrote,
Dwight J. Dutton

Forensic Synchronicisy

After the convention I dug out and started to re-read a book I ahve called "bones" which includes a chapter on the field in Tennessee where they have about a hundred human bodies lying about rotting so they can observe the process.

I then went to the doctors office regarding a throat infection and the only magazine they had there other than Forbes or a medical journal was the June 2002 issue of "GQ".

The feature article ws on that same yard full of rotting bodies. In GQ?

On an unrelated note, I've come to the conclusion that the pharmacy industry spends more money on givaway promotional pens than anybody else. I've gotten ones from various doctor visits that are nicer than ones I've actually bought,and certainly better than any other promotional pens I've ever seen.

And for what purpose? I got a really nice pen that says "Avelox" on it. I have no idea what the drug is for. How good is that as a promotional item?
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