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Ruined day off.

And my only one one this week too, since work wants me to come in for training tomorrow. 80 mile commute followed by 2 miles of walking because no parking is provided at the building it is being done at. It will take about 6 hours out of my day to get there and back, provided the roads don't continue to suck due to the fires. And I will be paid for 2 1/2 hours of it.

The cleaners finally showed up, though I've never seen this crew before. They seem to have done OK. Naturally, the plumber shows up to replace the crappy fixtures right AFTER the cleaners are finished. So I'm trapped at home all day, and the plumber is merrily tramping dirt and plaster residue all through the house.

Cleaners didn't even go into one of the bedrooms as it's piled full of stuff that cannot go back into this closet until the plumber completes installing fixtures that are worth shit. For whatever reason they put in the cheapest crap imaginable when they did the original work. Even now I can't put the stuff back in the closet until the drywall is replaced in the four areas it got ripped out to get the new pipes in.

Addendum to above: It is now 6:30PM. The plumber who I can barely communicate with is re-installing the original valve. The $90 top of the line Moen model I got does not work for some reason. I seriously doubt it was defective. Not only is it leaking but the hot/cold indicator was facing backwards when it was installed. This is not an indicator of great competance. And the more the guy works through the hall closet the more the expensive closet world interior is getting smashed up. I'm pretty pissed off at this point.

At least the new shower head got put in. I am far from happy with the results but at this point I just want the thing at least in a usable condition. I can't even do laundry while this shit is going on. And once the drywall is in I'm stuck with whatever is there as it cannot be changed without ripping the drywall out again.
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