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White Star Line


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Fire pictures from Santa clarita, Morning of 30 October 2003

Towsley canyon from about a mile away, There are no clouds. All of that is smoke.

Towsley canyon from about a half mile away.

In this pictures you can see channel 4 and channel 7 news interviewing firemen, and off to he right and out of the picture there are a bunch of them getting a briefing and some food from the looks of it.
What you cannot see because my digital camera costs $50 and is a piece of junk, is that the entire ridge line less than 200 Ft away is burning at the same time.
The fire does not show up in this picture since my camera is so cheap.

There was a whole farm of news vans here, about 8 of them, all with antennas up, but there were also CHP cars that would not let you stop, so I took this out the window of the car as I went by.

Fire burning right above the Church of the nazarine, located on the Old Road. There should be fire visible in this picture as well at the base of that really thick column of smoke, but you can't see it.

This is a pile of ashes next to teh front bumber of martes car. This is my driveway, I was leaning against our house when I took this picture..

There was a channel 4 news reporter here, but they stopped and went into the van as soon as they saw ME stop to take a picture. I later realized it was because I showing up channel 4 news!.

See more pictures
, taken 8:00 - 8:10 AM 30 October 2003 near Towsley Canyon, one of our favorite hiking spots.

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yippee October 30th, 2003
Isn't that the camera that you were filming the pool party at CF8, taped onto Digital backup tapes, made so many copies of that it degraded the picture quality of the original tape to black & white?

Oh wait, you said DIGITAL CAMERA, not VIDEO CAMERA.

I still have a copy of the CF8 pool party footage you took.

Damn that's pretty intense. I pray it doesn't jump the Five. Have they shut down Magic Mountain? I bet you could get some amazing shots from the tower there. You don't still have your season pass?

titanic October 30th, 2003
I suppose I could take the video camera out, but there is a lot of fire and a lot of video taken of it already. Plus my equipment for converting video to digital is old and crappy. This was a cheapo Vivitar job I got mainly for taking Ebay pictures.

ruggels October 30th, 2003
Interesting. I see your camera has no zoom. But those are smoke, and not marine layer clouds? Wow...

I did see the nasa photos and those were pretty impressive too.


blackfyr October 31st, 2003
Your picture server seems to be offline. You OK down there?

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