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White Star Line


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Anthrocon or CCD? Choose.

I just got back from the San Diego comicon / CCD - and found out that in 2003 it is on the same weekend as Anthrocon.

The Anthrocon staff probably chose that weekend unaware of the conflict it would have with SDCC, as www.comic-con.com still does not list the dates on it's site, and people doing business there were only informed on the last day.

Most of the people I know attend both - and now have to make a choice. Personally I had already written off Anthrocon as being too expensive a trip and was not planning to go again anyway, though martes may still want to go.

What this will really affect is CCD. Anthrocon will take away a lot of the attending members and put a serious crimp on the mini-convention.

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dustmeat August 6th, 2002
Joe and I have planned to split up, him going to Comicon and me going to AC

I will probably not go to either

titanic August 6th, 2002
martes will have to chose which one she wants to go to, but business will be diluted to the point where it won't make sense for me to go to either one. I may actually try to hit MFF again if that is the case. Doesn't make sense to go for 8 months without attending anything at all.

ruggels August 6th, 2002
Hmm... Well AC is on the East Coast, it's full of bunyboys and other associated freaks. San Diego is on the West Coast, and it has it's freaks, but they are so dilluted by the sea of consumers they are a minimal influence, also the "clean swag" quotient is much higher. You ca't buy such a variety of comics ad toys at AC. so I'll be going to Comic-con.


I had already written off Anthrocon

titanic August 6th, 2002
Doesn't sound like enough people will be going to CCD4 to make it worthwhile, certainly not as good as it was this year. Too bad, as this year was rather nice. Unfortunate conflict.

Then again, with enough planning and savings I may well be able to go to C-Ace in 2003. It would be a long van trip, but we could stop off a bunch of places Roz wants to visit. I know the Raptor center in Idaho is a place she has always wanted to go.

(Anonymous) August 6th, 2002
Careful with those urls, Dwight, Comic Con International's at http://www.comic-con.org/ (which happens to list the dates now, July 17-20, 2003). Comic-con.com is owned by some domain name speculator...



titanic August 6th, 2002
Fancy anything as big as comicon not having the .com domain. Good observation, my error.

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