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More plumbing work

The pipes are being redone from the Garage to the inside of the house, but not quite all the way to the fixtures yet. They will be here probably all day tomorrow doing more work.

The main hot water pipe broke in pieces when they took it out. It was pretty close to total failure. There will be a lot to clean up when this is all done with. Everything is dirty. Everything.

Somewhere in all this mess is my cell phone. It got moved and covered with plastic somewhere, I don't know where it is. No matter, I'll carry the other one around until it turns up.

My fob watch got banged on something and the crystal is smashed on it.

After all this is done, I have to get a drywall installer to com in and patch four holes that had to be made to get all of this done. And then after that, I have to get the Closet World people in here to complete the conversion of the former master bedroom shower into closet space. During allof this time I'm going to be living in a mess, which is something I find really, really irritating. I probably won't have everything back in place until November sometime.
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