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White Star Line


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Coming home from San Diego Comicon

Pictures speak louder than words...

Since LiveJournal changed the client for Palm Pilot while we were at the convention, it dumped over a dozen entries I typed up as the convention was in progress. So once again, read martes journal if you care what we were doing for the past 3 days, as I'm not going to retype it.

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auryanne August 4th, 2002
So what happened? Did a truck overturn or something?

film2edit August 5th, 2002
ACK! Did you head down Thursday? There was a chemical spill on the road and Chris didn't get down there until 5 hours later (the trip was supposed to take 2). I didn't know you guys had to go through that. *hugs*

We hit both obstacles

titanic August 6th, 2002
We were litterally caught coming and going. Though I do have to admit I much prefer a 20 minute dead stop to an hour of slow speed, you can get out, walk around and take neat pictures to impress your friends.

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