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White Star Line


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desertcoyote October 13th, 2003
Daaaaaaaaaaaang. X(
You're right about your icon being very appropriate... O_O
Good luck!

*gapes* 0_0

c_eagle October 14th, 2003
*speechless*.... :

shockwave77598 October 14th, 2003
Jeez!!! Last thing I saw with that much rust on it was sitting in drydock and getting the barnacles scraped off of it!

*sighs and thanks the powers for his PVC pipes.*

shockwave77598 October 14th, 2003
My fellows and I are unanimous in saying that that looks like a galvanic reaction; that the T is made of a dissimilar metal than the pipe which corroded. The lines coming down look to be galvanized pipe while the lines going side to side don't. You cannot put different metals together like that without an insulator between them or a current is created which corrodes one of the pipes. I swear that that is what has happened to this system.

Fortunately, this will save you money. You don't have to replace all the pipes, only the ones that aren't galvanized. And if you replace it with copper, make danged sure they put a dielectric in or the copper is going to corrode in exactly the same way.

shockwave77598 October 14th, 2003
Also, if the rest of the pipe further down is okay (since galvanic damage only occurs close to the joint) then you can just cut away two feet of the pipe, replace the damaged portion and joint with good new parts, and you are permanently repaired. No need to remove all of the pipe since the corrosion occurs only at the ends.

But make sure to inspect all the other joints in the system. If there's one built wrong, there will be others.

ruggels October 14th, 2003
Incompetant contractors, or what? Iron pipes, and then a galvanized pipe> that's just bad. Even my dad wasn't dumb enough to do that (though he mixed copper and PVC pretty freely)


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