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White Star Line


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Icon for this entry is strangely appropriate

Around midnight martes had to wake me up to inform me the kitchen light was leaking rusty water. This is not normal.

Apparently when I took my shower that evening one of the pipes leading to the shower finally gage out and sprung a leak. They are iron (not copper) pipes and are now 25 years old. Some time back the water heater, also dating from the construction of the house in 1979, also rusted out and began leaking. That was expensive too.

Stuff like this always happens on one of the rare days at work when I am supposed to be in charge, so I could not simply call off sick. I had to go to work as usual at 3AM, make sure everything was up and running OK, and that there were enough people for me to leave, and then go home on sick leave, even though it is the house itself that is sick in this case. Due to my personnel records at work still being screwed up after a full year, I currently show -10 hours of regular vacation available, so I couldn't use that.

Between the time Roz gets up and leaves to go to work I'll go up in what passes for an attic in this place and see where the leak is. I'll just have to get it patched for now but the next major home improvement is apparently going to be a copper repipe job, and that costs thousands.

On the bright side, there were some things that were going to wait for Thursday that I will probably be able to do today while waiting for the plumber.

And have a look at webcomics.rozgibson.com which I spent pretty much all of yesterday setting up before the flood started.

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shockwave77598 October 13th, 2003
Copper pipes? Yow! You can replace it all with PVC for much less and it'll last longer. Plastic doesn't corrode. All houses in Texas use PVC pipes.

titanic October 13th, 2003
Copper repiping seems to be a major industry out here. Every plumber in the yellow pages seems to do it. Nobody mentions PVC though.

Interestingly enough, when Kurt Bohmers Plumbing (the same people who are coming out today) came out last time to fix the toilet flange, which had also been iron, I suggested they put in copper and they told me it had to be PVC as that was all the building code allowed them to use!

doodlesthegreat October 13th, 2003
I don't know if California building codes allow PVC pipes for in the house. I know they allow you to use it for the main water line, since the home I live in has just such a change, but the code may not have adopted them for in the house use.

We went through a copper repipe a few years ago for similar reasons (old iron pipes) and the bill was around $3500 for the plumbing, plus an extra $500 or so to replace all the wallboard cut out of selected rooms and repaint them. We did the latter part ourselves to bring the costs to just supplies.)

titanic October 13th, 2003
The failure is limited to pipe that carries hot water, which I think has to be metal. The cold water pipes are fine.

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