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Almost ready

Serviced the van yesterday and charged up the auxiliary battery - it will of course get charged all the way down to SD as well. Fueled it up ($55!) and with the size tank the van has, we can go all the way to Comicon and back without having to fuel up again.

Made up a replacement curtain for the one that ripped apart (a temporary one dating from 1995) and bought the non-perishable food items like gallons of water, fritoes, raisins, Vienna sausage, tuna & such. I'll get the rest of the food on the outbound trip so the ice will last.

I need to pack my own laundry, take a shower and drop off the necessary keys & instructions with the neighbor to look after Charlie & the fish.

Unless the cafe press posters arrive today, I won't have them for the convention. Probably be here waiting for me when I get back from the con, like Chris Grant's T shirts did that one time. No real matter, this is the smallest convention (less than 200) I've ever set up at, and everybody there will know us anyway.
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