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White Star Line


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The Kalakala

I'm in the Salmon House restaurant which is right on the waterline on Lake Union. This ship is moored here, or what there is of it. I should have gotten a picture while the sun was still up but it's too dark now.

It has an interesting history, first it was a ferry in San Francisco until it somehow got burned down tothe waterline, at which point it was moved to Seattle and rebuilt as a streamlined ferry. After a bridge was built and it was no longer needed for that purpose it was sold to someone in Alaska for use as a floating cannery. It now sits here completely idle and dark.

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mauser October 8th, 2003
Ah, that's the Kalakala. There's been an effort to restore it, but the last I heard, they failed, and it's being sold yet again. If you Google, I'm sure you could find a website or two.

(Pronounced ka-LA-ka-la)

(BTW, Gallery #49 ships this week. Gotta nag about Huzzah #48...)

mauser October 8th, 2003
Doh! I didn't see the entry title! I think I mentally gloss over Big Bold Italics....

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