History in Userpics

I can go back through the 244 Userpics on this account and it really tells the story of my life for the past 15 years. All the things that have come and gone, job changes, interest changes, everything.
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Too good to last

Finally landed one of the higher paying union jobs - which this company has had for seven years, and they lose the contract less than a month after I get here.
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Kitties happy

New Cat Tree

Don't know the story behind it, but one day I was leaving for work and a $200 cat tree, dirty but undamaged, was left out for the trash.  I'm not proud, so its now mine.

It had been used, but apparently by a declawed cat.

There is no evidence a cat ever sharpened claws on this.  But it had been barfed on a few times - as cats tend to do.

Steam cleaning was very effective and after the use of a "Rug Doctor" it looked brand new!

The way the base got brushed makes it look dark in this picture, but yuo can see from the previous photo its now clean.  Sugar is still not sure of it.  Gandalf has been on it already.  The other two cats are too afraid of the steam cleaner to come near it yet.  (Now that we have cleaned the cat tree I'm going to do a regular carpet cleaning while I still have this thing rented out)
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CGA Maritime Net

Coast Guard takes Public Affairs deadly seriously

After being an Editor for 12+ years it still took me four tries to pass the test for this and I just barely made it this time.  Its surprising how much of how I normally write is just plain wrong.  But then I never wrote stuff for HUZZAH! that had to be lawsuit bulletproof either.
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No day off this week

Well fortunately for me the fire department decided to inspect and validate the alarm system in this building on the one day I have off so I'm in here doing a 12 hour shift watching a building to make sure it doesn't burn down until we get the alarm system working again.

Which conveniently will pay for someone"s birthday present which I've already pre-ordered. I can't say who because I'm using the mobile version of life LiveJournal and I have no clue how to do tags with this

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Apparently  the real life version of "Scar" is considerably worse then the animated character in Lion King.

Which I will never watch again.  At least not and enjoy it as I once might have.
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