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This is why doctors don't want to take Obamacare

<lj user="martes"> went for an MRI recently.  It cost $1422

Blue Cross (obamacare) paid $286.47.  Our portionof the bill was $26.83

The medical imaging center wrote off $1103.70 as an "Insurance Loss"

They only got 21% of the total bill.  This is why they turn patients away.

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c_eagle May 10th, 2015
Of course I agree that doctors and lawyers must eventually make up their investment in school and pay their staff, and that facilities must be able to pay off their investment in equipment.... but it's been a little *too* inflated for years....
Still not quite as bad as for CEOs and Directors and VPs who do actually very little, and rake in exorbitant, disproportionate hauls in many corporations, I guess...

The HealthCare act doesn't give me quite as much benefits... I had hoped it would, since -they- calculated an offset credit for my monthly payments... but last month I found out they miscalculated and I had to pay over $1,000 back... ;P
I hope they get it right (or better) this year..

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